Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy
Worker participation in GIG economy


Specific objectives

- EU legislation and policies on employee involvement at transnational level converted into action plan by strengthening employee engagement in decisions taken within automotive companies before project completion

  • increasing the capacity of 15 leaders of the social partner organizations of 6 EU Member States and 1 candidate country to influence the adaptation of company policies to the challenges of the modern labor market through the delivery of seminars until 13 Month of the project
  • enhanced transnational cooperation between workers and employers in the automotive industry of 6 Member States and 1 candidate country until the completion of the project
  • the role of re-invented workers 'representatives to address current labor market challenges through the development and dissemination of the action plan to support the adaptability of workers' representations until the action is completed
  • sensitization of employers and workers on effective ways of exercising workers' rights to information, consultation and participation and methods for obtaining workers involved in the management processes reached at the end of the project through the distribution of the final document and video recommendations and action plan within the EU and candidate countries
  • results of "fitness check" on EU acts in the field of information and consultation of workers during the workshops attended by 15 leaders of organizations of social parties from 7 countries and monitored in video distributed in all Member States the EU and the candidate countries
  • raising awareness of workers 'and employers' representatives from all EU Member States and candidate countries on the content of the EU pillar of social rights in the context of employee participation achieved through the end of the project through relevant modules in the content of the seminars, action plan and follow-up videos


The project complies with the following objectives of the call for proposals:

(e) to promote initiatives to strengthen transnational cooperation between workers 'and employers' representatives on information, consultation and participation of employees in companies operating in more than one Member State

(f) promoting transnational actions involving representatives from the new Member States and candidate countries in the field of

(h) to promote operations that promote the development of employee participation in enterprises (taking into account the specific needs of employees with disabilities) and to follow up the results of the suitability check on US proceedings in the area of information and consultation

Worker participation in GIG economyWorker participation in GIG economy

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